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The vision and the name ‘Ke Karabo’ came to me from above.
Ke Karabo is divinely guided and it has the intention of shifting the consciousness of Africa, and we are planning to spread this vision across the world.
– Mama Lorato

Our roots


Ke Karabo is dedicated to attracting, transforming, and nurturing individuals from all walks of life, guided to become living examples of the Ke Karabo mission. If you are guided on this path, know that you will feel inspired, encouraged, comfortable, and safe. This will enable you to confidently face your inner truth and cultivate peace within yourself and with those around you.


Ke Karabo’s ultimate desire is to liberate people from suffering states and shift their consciousness into a place of bliss, unity, and connection, in Africa and internationally. Our mission is to guide our community on a deep and effective inner journey through the programs and practices we offer.

With our programs, you will be empowered to connect and heal from within. Healing is needed to build meaningful relationships and grow toward achieving your full potential. Once you start healing yourself, you begin to have a positive impact on the people around you, thus, transforming the human collective.

Lorato Scherpenhuyzen, the founder of Ke Karabo, is a mother, a community leader, spiritual trainer, and sangoma, with a vision to assist communities to reach their full potential. Her vision is guided by her African roots and spirituality.

Mama Lorato comes from a family of community leaders and activists. She is inspired by a generation of people who have strived for a better world around them. She is a strong, resilient, and caring woman with experience in developing communities in South Africa. She has impacted individuals, families, and communities with her knowledge of effective spiritual practices.

Lorato’s son, Robin, and his partner, Krystal, have been guided to bring a unique approach to Mam’ Lorato’s vision and follow in her footsteps…

Robin Scherpenhuyzen, son of Mam’ Lorato, co-founder of Ke Karabo and a One Consciousness Trainer trained at the world renowned meditation and consciousness school for transforming humanity, the O&O Academy in India, combines his learnt practical experience with a natural and intuitive ability to lead individuals and teams. He brings new light and inspires change through the power of wisdom and meditation.

Robin believes in the importance of self-awareness and introspection, and how it cultivates inner strength, stability, and a balanced life.

Krystal Roberts, who has emerged as a daughter of the South African spirit of Ubuntu, is guided to nurture and bring new life to an ancient practice, yoga, which has been impacting individuals and communities for generations.

Krystal is in the creative field of design with a passion to help build brands, and support teams, with the intention to make the world a better place. This passion is also found in her yoga practice.

As a qualified yoga instructor, she uses her practice and other techniques to bring about healing.