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Awaken body bliss, by joining the international yoga challenge for 7 days from June 15th - 21st.

Welcome to this 7-day online adventure!

We have volunteered to bring this powerful challenge to our communities in South Africa that are ready to embark on their journey towards unlocking body bliss.

The greater purpose of yoga is often lost in the modern world. Yoga is not just about flexibility, achieving good health or youthfulness. Yoga emerged from the ancient sages of India, who were seekers of enlightenment. Yoga was created as a means to awaken the mystic fire, Kundalini, in the consciousness of seekers and sages who were passionately pursuing enlightenment.

Sri Preethaji’s creation of this year’s Oneness Yoga Challenge 2023 is inspired by ancient Himalayan Yogis’ pursuit of enlightenment and mystic experiences from her own consciousness. This unique yoga experience is a waking up to your body’s mystique.

The oneness yoga challenge is a universal path to health, bliss, and oneness.

The Yoga Oneness Challenge 2023 is offered online, and you can participate each day in your own time, in the privacy of your home for all 7 days. However, the Ke Karabo Family have committed to come together each day at specific times, and we invite you to join us at the below times on Zoom or in-person, on the last day.

Important details to sign up to the Oneness Yoga Challenge 2023:

Step 1: Sign up
Sign up to this 7 day challenge and receive the link to each days video via email, to play your part in your own time.

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Step 2: Join the South African Community
Join the Ke Karabo Family on WhatsApp to take on the challenge as a community, as well as receive invitations for all upcoming yoga related events from Ke Karabo. Here is the link to join the Ke Karabo WhatsApp Community:

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Oneness yoga challenge for chakra power for 45 minutes each day of the challenge will give you 7 results.

Below are the details of each day’s event if you would like to join the challenge together with your South African Community:

15th June: We will host day 1 of the challenge online via Zoom at 6pm-7pm SA-time. Day 1 Theme: You will bring greater stability and strength into your muscles and into your approach to life.

16th June: Public Holiday – Youth Day. We will host day 2 in the morning for you to join us in-person or online. Details to follow on our WhatsApp group of time and place, but it will be in the Lanseria area. Day 2’s theme: You will bring greater vitality onto your mat and into your everyday activities.

17th June – 20th June: We will host day 3-6 of the challenge online via Zoom at 6pm-7pm SA-time. 

Day 3’s theme (17 June): You will feel a beautiful release of stress and move into deep relaxation.

Day 4’s theme (18 June): You will bring greater love to your body on your mat and greater care for living beings.

Day 5’s theme (19 June): You will become more attuned to the flow of spiritual currents in your energy body, and flow with greater ease in challenges.

Day 6’s theme (20 June): You will experience awareness in your yogic movements and stillness during your meditations.

21st June: The final day of the challenge falls on International Yoga Day. We will host the culmination of the challenge in the morning for you to join us in-person or online. We encourage you to join this day in-person, to receive the maximum impact and the experience of ONENESS. Details to follow on our WhatsApp group of time and place. Day 7’s theme: You experience oneness between your body and state of consciousness. The spirit of oneness will flow through every sphere of life.

Join our WhatsApp Community:

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The oneness yoga challenge can be taken up by individuals, families, yoga communities, educational institutions, workspaces, organizations, and clubs. All levels are welcome, whether you are brand new to yoga, or a yoga expert – you will be greatly impacted. We encourage you to invite your community to participate.

This is a CHALLENGE, so we highly encourage you to follow through by joining all 7 days unlocking a new aspect each day, in order to receive all the benefits. On the 7th day of the yoga challenge which culminates on International Yoga Day, we encourage all participants to join in person.

Meet Your Teacher

“Enlightenment is humanity’s oldest quest. And enlightenment or awakening is the ultimate attainment of humankind.” – Sri Preethaji

Sri Preethaji, along with her husband Sri Krishnaji is the co-creator of Ekam – the world centre for Enlightenment, with millions of followers worldwide. Sri Preethaji is a rare enlightened sage who impacts her students not only through her wisdom but through the power of her consciousness. As the co-founder of Ekam, Sri Preethaji has created numerous courses, processes, and retreats leading millions on profound journeys into awakening. Learning from Sri Preethaji is a true blessing. It is awakening to a new consciousness for a new life.