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Make sure the basic needs of people are met before trying to inspire them to heal or aspire to greater things. We all need to eat and sleep well before we can even think about changing the world. – Ke Karabo

Give back

When you heal you are inspired to heal others

Contribute as an individual, corporate company, organisation or government to the communities in South Africa by:

Giving back to the community all began with Mama Lorato and her incredible vision. She has impacted disadvantaged rural communities in South Africa through her non-profit organisation called Ingizweni Initiative Program. This NPO assists with providing for their basic needs and healing.

Through this work, Mama Lorato has set beautiful foundations and made sustainable progress with the communities, which we now all get to impact together as the Ke Karabo Family.

How would you – as a leader, or your organisation, like to contribute today?

To continue this ripple effect, contribute today to create mindful, self-aware leaders that will transform South Africa in a way that creates long-lasting results – through love and unity.

Let’s work together.

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