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A true African is one that is full of love.

Ke Karabo means ‘It is the answer’
in Setswana.
What is the ‘answer’?

This answer we speak of is love, unity, and connection – to ourselves and to each other. This answer lives within us all, and once you choose to see it, to feel it, and to experience it – it is right there, always, to tap into.

You can connect with Ke Karabo from all around the world. However, in location, Ke Karabo lies at the heart of our farm in the Crocodile River Reserve, Lanseria, South Africa. Here, we are blessed with sacred pure spring water and an incredible view of breathtaking mountains and wildlife.

The answer is the unity of people from all walks of life. We are all born leaders and all we need is a safe space to heal, grow our awareness and strengthen our natural gifts.

The answers to our problems lie in the way ancient people did things.
Returning back to your roots.
Embrace your culture.
Find out about your parents and grandparents.
Traumas your parents faced.
Overcome the blocks passed down from generation to generation.
Reflect on your childhood.

This is where answers can be found, and not in comparisons, judgments, and things that don’t serve us. These harm our bodies and cause energy blockages and illnesses. This can lead to unwise choices, depression, anxiety and stress.

Whether online or in person, Ke Karabo is the place where you can remember who you are by connecting to your roots. You also start experiencing unconditional love for yourself and for others. This will create a solid foundation for our lives, and at the same time, connecting us to our sacred purpose.

When we begin to bring about healing to ourselves, naturally it gets passed on to our family, community, organisation, and the world at large – healing humanity through the collective power of each individual.

The Ke Karabo family brings a diverse combination of skills, perspectives, and life experiences that allow us to deepen our awareness, and nurture our internal state. This is a space where you will feel at home.

This is Ke Karabo.

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